I wrote these workflow's last year, but I am republishing them since I have moved to my new blog.

In this workshop document you will learn the basics of Windows Workflow Foundation and using Workflow to design and visualize your business logic . I’ll introduce you to a couple of the basic shapes as well as demonstrate how to integrate Workflow within an application.

This series of workshops are filled with:

  • Step-by-Step examples
  • Screen shots of almost every step that I take (so that you'll never get lost :) )
  • Code (downloadable and shown in the document),
  • Comments in the code (rare to find those anymore these days :))
  • details about which options I chose (why and the alternative options)
  • References to books, blogs, webs sites that I used to learn how to do this

           Sample Page:



Download Location: Click here to download

Link to Part 2: Building Custom Workflow Activities with Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (.NET 3.0)

~ Robert Shelton


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