David Chou, Microsoft Architect and someone who I have been reading over the past few months has released another article about Web 2.0 from a Platform and Architecture perspective.  David's articles are typically educational short reads on the subject and I find them great at staying up on the whole "Web 2.0" world from an Architectural perspective, and he writes in a style that doesn't make my "head explode" from the overuse of Buzzwords and Architectural Diagrams. Confused

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From David:

Web 2.0 applications are taking on a new form. They are composite applications in nature, and increasingly can be created and hosted completely in the Web (cloud), without any dedicated or owned physical infrastructure. And they are increasingly being implemented at higher levels of abstraction (moving up the stack). This aspect demonstrates the power of network effects in enabling the participation age, and fueling the explosive pace of innovation towards creating a Web that connects/involves more people and is more relevant and intelligent. David Chou provides a description of the Web platform stack, which categorizes the observed patterns and trends, and their relationships and dependencies, in the Web 2.0 phenomenon, into a structured context; as an attempt in providing some clarifications into the way Web is evolving.

Link to the article: (Click here to read)

This post is the latest in a series of “Web as a Platform” discussions:

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